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Edwards Hot Water manufacture a wide range of commercial water heating equipment to offer you the flexibility and performance you need.

With over 40 years experience in hot water we have a solution for most applications. Our unique indirect heat exchange storage cylinders minimise the possibility of scale build up within the storage tank and solar collectors (if fitted). Other systems do not offer the benefits of our anti-scale system and corrosion protection.

Edwards indirect storage cylinders have the added advantage of having two separate heating circuits. A low pressure treated water circuit which can be used for connection to solar collectors or to mechanical devices for room heating and a mains pressure circuit which does not compromise on the supply pressure to the hot water fixtures.

Edward Solar Hot Water
Edward Solar Hot Water

Edwards has a range of solar collectors to suit every application. The popular Australis Series provides the copper tubes with a pressed aluminium absorber plate coated with a polyester matt black paint for maximum performance. The casing is colorbond with 38mm insulation.

The Titan Series is designed for high performance in cooler climates and incorporates titanium coated copper absorber plates for greater effi ciency.

The Edwards solar system has the ability to be installed with a glycol additive to prevent freezing and is guaranteed to minus 15°C. All Edwards Solar Collectors are made in Australia and comply with all relevant Australian standards.


Edwards have been producing Warm Water Systems since the early 1980s. The heaters are manufactured under Watermark Licence W152 and are approved by NSW Health for use as warm water generators. The Edwards systems are designed to provide a warm water temperature at the outlet of between 40.5°C and 43.5°C.

The system comprises a “storage cylinder”, a heat source and control box. The cylinder has a heat exchange coil, which, having a small volume, is capable of rapidly responding to change in demand.

Simple in design the Edwards Warm Water System is easy to maintain. Multiple heaters, manifolded together, can be used in an application where it is not possible for a system to be shut down completely.

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HEAT EXCHANGE SYSTEMS: - For Warm & Hot Water Sytems



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Edwards Commercial Hot Water

Edwards Commercial Hot Water

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